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Trike Wiring

When i originally dis assembled the donar car that i got the motor and trans from i also started to trim out the wiring loom of the things i didn’t need such as the heater, central locking, cruise control , electric windows and air con wiring etc . During a moment of madness i accidently mistook what i thought was the cruise control computer and chopped the wires going to one side of the computer ( about 24 wires ) It wasn’t till a few weeks later when i had this huge mass of wires sitting on the kitchen table that i realised the wires to what i thought was the cruise control computer was in fact the wires for the transmission computer ( TCM) so….. I have just spent the last 3 weeks tracing back every individual wire for the ECU and TCM computers (101 wires in total) and i’m now left with just the relevant wires for the engine and trans. I should of taken photo’s of the wiring before i started to highlight the work involved, just in case someone else wnated to go down this path but sadly i didn’t. Anyway after many hours of finding lost wires and re wiring what had to be re wired i finally got it done and below is a few shots of the progress

I’ve mounted both computers under the passengers seat ( just above the battery) . The top gold coloured computer is a the TCM ( transmission control module) and the silver computer below it is the ECU ( Engine control unit )

I’m running all the wires up the left hand side of the motor which is the opposite side to the exhaust ) I’m also running the fuel lines and starter cables etc up the same side

Here is a aerial view of where the two computers are mounted. The space behind the computers i was originally planning on placing fuel filter , fuel pump and other bits and peices in there but it turns out that the wires take up most the space so i’ve put the fuel filter in the engine bay and have put the external EFI fuel pump under the passengers seat.

The extra things under the passengers seat are… the battery, fusible link box, Fuse box and fuel pump. Since taking the photo’s on this page i have tied up all the wires into a nice neat wiring loom.

,Looks Messy but it’s a organised mess 🙂

I’ve just sat the original CBX750 handlebar in place here so that i can run wires up to the ignition key and also wires to the start button. Once the ignition key was wired up i thought i should cross my fingers and see if my hours of wiring had paid off and connect the battery then check for smoke hehe, if no smoke then try starting it. Much to my pleasure it burst into life with no smoking computers or anything, it is now ticking over like a swiss watch. Much to my surpirse i have NO TCM trouble codes which is a relief seeing as i chopped the plug off the computer and only a couple ECU codes which i can account for.

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