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Trike Fuel System

Started on making up a main fuel tank today from 1.2mm thick panel steel. I had previously made a mock up of the tank from packing sheet and cardboard and then transferred the shape to panel steel, cut it out and bent it up and this is what i ended up with so far.

I’ve put in a swirl chamber so that the fuel won’t slosh around as much from the pick up pipe when turning corners etc.

So far on the top of the tank i have the main fuel outlet pipe attached and also a breather pipe.

The tank is 300 mm wide at one end and tapers up to 183mm at the top edge that way it fits nicely between the floor rails and the down tubes and under the harley tank.

Here i have it fitted in the gap. I have also put some holes in the swirl chamber or baffle as some call it.

I’ve started to tack the sides of the tank on today until i run out of argon. I had bought a back up bottle of what was meant to be argon but sadly the old buggar at the gas shop gave me argoshield and not the argon that i asked for so thats stuffed up my whole weekend. TIP: you can’t use argoshield with a tig on steel plate or the weld will suffer porosity.

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