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duct area 2

The rear panel that I’m going with is not what the superwedge usually has and like i said earlier it’s cause i have to allow for the full sized rudders, so what i’m making here is a flat panel that is supported by several legs that i have glued in place and currently have several heavy items sitting on the panel whilst the glue dries. i’m yet to work out the best way to make the air diverter panels in the new set up i have but i’m thinking on it. This picture doesn’t really show what i mean but i’m sure later pictures will show today’s useless trivia 🙂

Well today was another day and i have now made both side panels for the duct. This is NOT part of the superwedge plans so if your using my web page as reference as to what the superwedge is like then this area of construction is not it.Tomorrow i’ll fibre glass the panels then cut the excess top panels away from underneath them. (well that’s what my plan is , weather i do that tomorrow or not is another story)

Here is the rear view now that i have made the rear panel and side mounts. The vertical strip of ply is there at the moment to hold the duct level , you can see just in front of that strip there is a piece of string with a nail on it , i used that as a guide to make sure that the duct was sitting level. the flat horizontal section directly behind the duct is the area i was referring to before that is made that way to allow me to fit the full sized rudders later on.

I marked out where the duct mounting panels will go and then removed the duct and cut away the excess top panels, doing so will allow the air to flow freely from the splitter plate design that i have.

Today i got up early and sanded the filleting that i had done the day before and then fiber glassed the side and rear duct panels in place, there’s no turning back now so hopefully my design is correct. I have only fibre glassed the panels to the deck tops not the panels to the duct so that i can remove the duct once this is dried and then fillet and fibre glass the inner joins of all the panels
Here’s a view of the rear again now that i’ve just fiber glassed it all in place. My wife was helping out with cleaning up the garage the other day and accidentally snapped that rear panel in half thinking it was just scrap, so had to do some repairs on that as well 🙂 When these panels are dry i will have to remove the duct then cut the splitter plate hole out of it and stare at it a while till i come up with a design for the air diverter panels, also have to work out a way to mount the rudders. I love the feeling of completing a task that ya really couldn’t be bothered doing in the first place and knowing that its now done and ya don’t have to worry about it , like fiber glassing the rear panels in place hehehe.

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