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Hull Construction 2

planning panels in place
Today i managed to wire the front planning panels in place then filleted and fiber glassed all relevant seams. It’s a timely process but worth the effort to do it right the first time
bouancy chamber
Here is the hull with the inner section coated with 3 coats of clear epoxy primer, and the buoyancy tank panels filleted in place (but not yet sanded or fiber glassed). I forgot to add photos of doing the buoyancy chamber panels but these panels are now in lace and will later be filled with foam
upside down hull

Here i have the hull turned over and have just added the first layer of fibre glass to the seams after filleting all seams with epoxy resin filled with Q Cells.

hull protection

The craft has just been filled with urethane foam the book said on a good nice day it will take around 8 litres, this one took 20 litres (still appears to be light enough so i’ve stopped stressing for now ) :-). All base seams have been fibre glassed with 2 layers and the front section of the floor has had 2 layers of fibre glass matting done. 3 coats of Epoxy timber sealer has been added around the planning panels and the skid blocks have been fibre glassed in place. The sad news today was that i discovered that the front “special ” battens that i glued, nailed and fibre glassed in place are in fact put on upside down, so after a cold beer i managed to remove them and make some more and fit them correctly this time 🙂

top panels on

Began the process of aligning the top decks and in this photo they are currently just sitting roughly in place just so i can visually see that I’ve done something different 🙂 other than sanding. Once i know they all line up then i will be removing them and filleting and fibre glassing all V grooved sections

stregthen top panels

I removed all top panels again and cut 20mm thick foam sheets to cover the under surfaces of the side and front panels, then glued and fiber glassed them all in place. This has the benefit of adding additional strength to the areas that people will climb on to get in/out without adding too much extra weight.all underside of the top panels have also been sealed with a epoxy wood sealer.

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