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Engine Bay Area 4

The clearance i have between the muffler and the drive shaft is just on 30mm, I’ve still got to make up some heat shields to divert the heat away from the belt (which i haven’t got yet cause a belt is like $200 NZD ) but i’ll do that at a later stage. I’m no longer concerned about the heat issue i thought might be a problem cause the more i thought about it the more i kept recalling how close exhaust pipes are to fuel lines and other such fittings on the cars i work on each day and it’s not a problem for them.

After several attempts i have come up with a engine cover that I’m going to stay with (for now anyway), i did previously have a larger engine cover but wasn’t that happy with it so i chopped and changed things and now have a much lower and lighter cover. It’s yet to be finished cause there is still more things i have to add to it , but thought i’d add a few photos of it now in its early stages 🙂

I’ve also made changes to the air vents at the rear seat sides. I did have a grill type setup cut into the seat sides but i have now made a couple of duct looking items to try and capture the air more positively so that it can re direct it through to the lower half of the radiator, and apart from that i think it looks alot sexier heheh

Here is a shot of the first stages of what my engine cover will look like from behind the craft, it is also showing off my new chrome air cleaner, but i intend on covering the air cleaner up with like a bonnet scoop type looking thing but have yet to think to hard on that side of it yet.

And here’s a side view of the cover. It is alot lower than my previous attempt, the last design i had was almost 75mm above the air cleaner so it was a fair bit of work and a waste of ply to lower it all again but seeing as i am designing as i go i have to expect these minor set backs now and then 🙂

I’ve made up a rough template of a engine cover tunnel that i will place over the top of the air cleaner, and now that i’ve come up with a design that I’m happy with i will make it out of ply later on once i have the rest of the engine cover fibre glassed properly.

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