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Painting 2

Here the first coat of Ulta-build 520 primer has been sprayed on over the top of the previous tan coloured primer. This is the first of a couple of coats of this stuff to go on. Next stage for the following couple of days after work i’ll be giving the whole craft a light sand down prior to the following coats of primer, then sanding the whole craft again prior to the top coat

Due to the awkward nature of spraying the inside of the seat area that section and behind the dash will be sprayed black then masked off the rest of the craft will eventually go yellow (PS: I’m not totally convinced i picked the right shade of yellow but to late now its all mixed and sitting there waiting) regardless of whether its the right colour or not I’m sure its going to be bright enough that i wont be run down by any container ships that happen to be cruising near me 🙂

I’ve decided that at the back here seeing as the duct and the rest of the craft is going to be all one colour that the rudders might break it a little if they get painted black, so that’s what’s going to happen there.

engine cover

The engine cover all primed and ready to be sanded along with the rest of the craft.

Wed 5th Oct –

 I have just spent around 8 hours in the last couple of days sanding the first grey layer of high build primer down. That stuff really sucks into the wood and had left alot of the grain from the plywood showing through but its eventually all sanded and re primed again today.

A large majority of it is now relatively smooth but there are sections of it that need more attention therefore tomorrow i have the day off work and will spend it sanding the whole craft down “again” so that Sean can spray a third coat of primer on it which will hopefully get rid of the areas of concern that’s there at the moment. Then … i have to sand the whole craft down again (for a third time) prior to the top coat.

As much as nobody likes sanding (me included) i’m glad to be doing it because i can see that the effort put in is showing in the finish every day that i look at it.

The way i see it is .. I’ve put to much time, money and pride into the hovercraft to just slap some paint at it and call it finished, so i’m happy i choose to get Sean to paint it rather than me just slap some paint on it in my garage. Obviously it’s the more expensive way to do it and for those that are happy to just have it one colour and not particularly worried about the overall finish then i’m sure spraying it in the garage can achieve a more than adequate job but for me personally i just like things done right and done once to the best of my abilities.. oh and… Coz i can 🙂

I won’t bother putting pics of it on the site for now , because it won’t look much different to the previous pics other than its alot smoother now than then. 🙂

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