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Engine Bay Area 5

When i get to the stage of fiber glassing the tunnel in place i will more than likely cut away most of the ply that is under it so that the portion of air being drawn from the thrust fan through the fan frame area can also encourage air to be drawn under the engine cover via the radiator, with a little bit of luck it is a sufficient flow to assist in the cooling of my engines cooling system. Time will tell on that one 🙂

Just finished wiring up the whole craft. I have probably 95% of the craft wired as of today. Although not very informative, this picture shows that i have run all the wires from the engine into a trailer plug and then into a fuse box which will be permanently attached to the bulkhead eventually. In the event of having to take the motor out at any later stage all i have to do is undo one plug and most the wiring to the motor is undone.

Still in the process of making my engine cover but thought i’d show the underside of it where i have cut out the holes under the tunnel of the cover so that hopefully the suction side of the fan can draw air through the radiator via these holes.

I have my new electric fuel pump mounted to the side of the engine mount bracket. Its a universal electric pump that runs between 2 – 4 PSI pressure and is sufficient for my carby. The rocker cover has a little leak on the left hand side and its staining my floor already , typical Subaru 🙂

Also made up a heat shield to divert the heat from the exhaust away from the belt. I got some aluminium angle and mounted it from each corner of the rear of the cockpit to the fan frame, it gives the engine cover something to rest upon.


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