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I was working on a Mitsubishi Diamante the other day and seen the clock they had also come with ignition light and oil light and a couple of other lights. Me being me thought now that looks kinda cool, much better than the after market bulb holders i would of otherwise used as a oil and ignition light, so i bought it from a car wreckers. It got several wires coming from the back of it but i eventually worked out what wire did what. I’m also thinking that later when i get my bilge pump i will wire up the window washer light to come on when the bilge pump is on for no other reason other than……..coz i can ๐Ÿ™‚

Just another shot of the unit showing the overall size. The unit itself weighs nothing, its plastic and just has some circuit boards in it

I also bought a rev counter off Trade Me (the NZ version of Ebay) , it comes with that red shift light that glows when it gets to what ever RPM i have it set to. Once again this weighs next to nothing and there was no particular reason for getting this type of rev counter other than …coz i still canย 

I decided that rather than spend a few hours re inventing the wheel that i would spend $40 and buy the same steering wheel that my brother in law has in his jet boat, this of course now means i have to re think how I’m going to do the throttle. I did have it all worked out but now that I’m going with this wheel the theory i had wont work on this wheel, but…. i believe I’ve worked it out again already so i’ll post pics of that later when i get to making the throttle setup. Anyway now the wheels in place i can work out where to start mounting the instruments so that the steering wheel is not blocking my view.

Just in the process of tidying up the dash wiring, all dash components run through a fuse box mounted behind the dash and i have a separate fuse box for the engine components mounted to the bulkhead. Although this picture doesn’t show it, down the right front seat side panel i have a Battery master switch fitted and two 12v sockets fitted to either side of the seat side panels, they will later be used to connect my GPS and what ever else i decide.

With all the dash and engine wired up i fitted some new spark plugs and changed the oil and filter, mounted and wired in a electric fuel pump and then had a go at starting the engine. The engine burst into life and the oil light went out and so did the charge light so wooo hooo the motor i bought 2nd hand 9 months ago and have never even tested shows signs of being a goody :-). I only ran the engine for 30seconds or so because i have no radiator hoses connected yet, but just wanted to hear it run. Next task is to connect the fan and see if i can blow the dust off my garage floor hehe. Got to fix the starter motor first because it sounds like its had a hard life in the past.

I just wanted to see what it would look like if i got caught late at night out on the lake, ok ok so that’s a lie i really just wanted to see the pretty lights ๐Ÿ™‚


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