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Drive Train 2

Here is a close up of the Jaw Coupling. I went with the idea of using a jaw coupling because i’ve seen it been used before in a tornado hovercraft and they also use this type of coupling in jet ski’s, so if it’s good enough for a jet ski then its good enough for me 🙂

Here i have placed it in position just so you can see what it’s going to look like once its all finished. And yes the clutch surface does look shitty so i’ll get that skimmed shortly just so it looks a little more presentable, and coz i can 🙂


This picture shows how i went about creating the shaft that runs from the back of my flywheel to the lower gear. From out of the rear of the flywheel i have the boss and a 25 mm shaft that you see in the top pictures, both ends have a keyway and key fitted. From there i have a Jaw Coupling which has been machined down to make it lighter and its also been drilled out and keyed to fit on the shafts. Between the jaw coupling is a star shaped insert that ( if i had to guess), is made from nolethane and it absorbs the vibration created from the motor , the insert comes in various materials depending on its function and is only about $12 to change if it wears out. On the other side of the jaw coupling is another 25mm shaft that runs through another plummer block to my lower drive gear which is also keyed and then to the last plummer block, getting these two shafts aligned is critical and now that i have it all in place in pretty damn pleased with my self cause i must of done something right , it all lines up perfectly hehe.

The original flywheel, when i got it, weighed in at 11.5KG so for now i’ve had 2.5KG machined off it. I got it machined of the rear of the flywheel but left the outer edge of the flywheel un touched because on a Subaru motor that’s where the timing marks are located. Until i get the motor going and see what it revs like i’ll leave it at the 9KG that it is now and if need be i can machine more of it later.

Just shot out to the garage and thought i’d expand the coupling and take a photo just to show what i was talking about, they say a picture tells 1000 words, so that will save me typing any more. 🙂

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