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I’ve added all picture to the above slide in regards to the trailer. After all a trailer is a trailer, however it still shows how i went about building it just without the individual picture commentary


Production of the trailer has started (7th Dec 2005).

Trailer specs may vary as i build it but for now the below is what i currently vision it will end up as. The trailer i’m building is from scratch and not from a existing chassis.

Trailer length = 5.8 meters long

Deck length = 4.6 meters long

Deck Width = 2.2 meters wide

Total deck width including side rails = 2.45 meters

Deck side rail height = 400mm

Trailer type = Single axle non braked tilt trailer with manual winch

Material = DuraGal steel ( electroplated galvanised steel )

Deck material = 17mm thick exterior plywood.

Suspension = 650kg Durotorque‘s

Wheels = 13 inch Toyota rims with 165-70-13 radial tyre’s.


Design Note:

I’m happy i went with the tilt trailer design and i have currently now got it to a point that i can load the craft on and off without much assistance.


Something i have noticed is that.. Because i have the aluminium sides the way i do, the craft upon loading self centers itself and all i have to do is aim it in the right position and power on which is what i expected and was aiming for, but by the time i’m half way up the trailer the skirts are nicely pressed against the side panels of the trailer and create such a good seal that the air under the craft has no where to go and therefore makes the hover tilt dramatically to one side just to try and let some air escape, and its made worse when the inner guards of the deck try to push on the skirt segments. For this reason i have drilled several 40mm diameter holes in the rear section of the side panels to try and help the air escape but it’s still not right so i’ll make them bigger one day or drill holes in the deck itself.


Just thought i’d mention that in case someone else was planning on a trailer of similar design because you can maybe take that into account when designing.


There is actually 3 inches clearance either side of my hover to the trailer sides but my skirts fully inflated are around 3 inches, so it makes for a snug fit when fully inflated 🙂

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