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Skirt 1

The skirts for the super wedge are individual segments. My craft has 71 air feed holes so that means there is 71 skirt segments / fingers. They are all the same apart from 11 of the rear segments have a extra strip of material added to them to prevent the rear fingers from scooping up water when i’m sitting out in the middle of the lake soaking up the sun and fresh air 🙂


I find it hard to take a good picture of a skirt segment to show clearly how they look or made up but here is a side view of one of my skirt segments. It’s made from material that’s called “Polyester Oxford” and as mentioned on a previous page i believe its the same material that suitcases are made from and has passed all the tests that i tried on it.

I went with this material because it tested out to be water proof, strong and light,( i couldn’t rip it even after putting a cut in the material first ) and all other tests i done it passed on. Another reason is that this material cost $170 for 30 odd meters where as the suggested nylon material is more like $600 for 30 odd meters. time will tell if it is a worthy material. This picture is a front view of the skirt

This shot is a inside view of the segment

This is one of the 11 rear segments. The difference between this segment and the above one is the extra anti scoop flap attached along the bottom of the finger that you can see here 

A inside look at the “chip bag” segment. Not very clear picture of the segment… but its a picture 🙂


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