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Steering and Seating 5

Here clearly shows that i have only built 3/4 of the seat in length, and i’m now thinking that it worked out good because the fuel tank that i think i can get my hands on are wider and higher than the space under my seat, so therefore when i go to make the rest of the seating area i can adapt it to accommodate the shape of the fuel tank.

Complimenting the dash is now a black parcel tray for my smokes and phone to sit in , it’s all about priorities you know :-), just wondering where the beer fridge will go. 🙂

Hey look, two moons in my garage (damn lights they done it again).

This picture shows the mid bulkhead that i made up today. On the other side of that is a B14 Nissan Sunny radiator, it has plastic tanks and the core is aluminium. Without water it feels like it weighs all of 1 to 1.5 KG if that.

The Bulkhead (section separating the motor and seating area) is a design i’ve come up with as i was cutting it , so it may change shape over the next few days. It started off a lot taller than what you see here so that when i make a engine cover it will clear the air cleaner easily, but then i thought eewww that’s like having a brick wall smack in the middle of a wind tunnel, so i cut a heap off the height of it and will later slope the engine cover to fit over it for that aerodynamic effect hehe

I’ve now ‘V’ grooved with a router the rear side seat panels so that i can bend the last 140mm of the sides outwards so that they point towards the sides of the radiator. Although it doesn’t show it in this picture (cause i haven’t done it yet ) i intend on cutting holes or slots or something in the last 140mm of the seat sides so that air can be sucked in from the cockpit area and go behind the tank then through the radiator, and maybe have air cleaner element or something attached to the inside of the slots/holes so that dust and crap doesn’t start blocking things up, but don’t know on that yet i’ll probably change my mind again 🙂

Today i had the day off work so i started to build the rear of the seat around my fuel tank. This is not in the plans so i was making it up as i go. I’m using a 25 litre plastic marine tank. Half of its sitting on one side of the balance point and the other half is on the other side of it, because its a variable payload . As you’ll see in the next picture as i’ve changed my mind slightly on how i want that rear seat to be built, but that’s not un usual i normally change my designs several times before I’m happy.

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