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Engine Bay Area

This is showing how I’m going to be mounting my motor. I removed the original engine mounts and used those mounting holes to mount a piece of 75mm (i think off memory) box section on either side of the motor. At either end of the box section i have mounted universal rubber mounts that way the motor is supported in all 4 corners so that it cant rock like a sea saw 🙂

With it set up this way when i sit it on the lengths of wood i have in the rear of my craft the sump sits around 25mm from the floor , which makes it hard to do a oil change in place (hehe) but the fact that the motor is lower rather than higher is a good thing as far as balance and things go.

.The exhaust has been tacked in place just to see if things line up. I was going to run a separate pipe from each head into a separate muffler for each side but then thought that if both pipes join in the centre, then that’s like a balance pipe and using one muffler is half the weight of two and will sound no different, so for now that’s what I’m doing.

.Here i have the muffler just sitting in place 

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