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Re Assembly 5

I have covered the duralock 2 with some rub rail which should help me bounce of things when i lose control. I’m currently trying some 3M molding tape to secure the rub rail in place and its currently been on there for 2 or so weeks and hasn’t peeled off at all , so it may be a easy way to leave it attached, otherwise I’m going to have to glue it down which i can’t be bothered doing.

Just another view of it.

Here i’ve now glued and screwed the hand rails in place. I used the Bostik polyurethane stuff to secure them as well as some stainless screws. I also bought some 3M grip tape and cut it to shape and stuck it to the floor, now i have less chance of slipping and falling overboard 🙂 . this tape is the same stuff they use on stairs and stuff.

I cut a couple of big holes in my engine cover then screwed over the top of them two ventilation louvers. For now they are there as a trial thing to see if i can 1) let a bit more of the exhaust heat out of the bonnet and 2) let a bit more air flow from the suction side of the thrust fan through the cover and through the radiator. 



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