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Re Assembly 4

We were bored the other day so i decided to get my wife to push the craft half way out the garage door just to see if it fits, and yep it does but without alot of room to spare. By doing so we did achieve two things. 1 is that she can easily push it whilst i sit on my butt and make it hover hehe, and 2 is that it does actually fit out the door which has got to be a positive thing 🙂

The first touch of daylight

I was tempted to push it all the way and have a blast down the street but sadly i live on a hill and would probably drive it right through someone’s car door.

Oh just about forgot to mention that my engine cover idea was a success. Now that the cover is all secured if i start the craft up and place a piece of paper in front of the “air4ce1” mesh or the side vents (rear of seat) the paper is sucked onto the mesh which means the thrust fan is causing a air flow through my radiator.

I made some hand rails out of aluminium for the passengers to hang onto when i’m doing 360’s in the middle of the lake hehe. Notice how shiny aluminium comes up when you sand it with 400 wet and dry sandpaper then 1200 wet and dry then several coats of metal polish (its a example how bored i am at the moment, i really need to start on my trailer sooner rather than later haha)

I’ve actually got another job i need to do on the craft to finish it off but i’m holding off because it means i have to remove all the skirts again *sigh*. I bought some rub rail that i need to attach to the side of the craft, maybe i’ll do that this week.

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