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Hull construction 3

hull protection

Now that all top panels are aligned and foamed i have painted the buoyancy tank tops and side panels with a white epoxy paint, this is a optional choice but i choose to do it because this is where the air and any water that may get in will be, so i thought a nice coat of paint here would seal things just that bit better. 🙂

The tops have now been resined in place and the next couple of pictures are just a couple of various views of the craft at the stage its at now. Next step is to tidy up the edges and fibre glass the seams whilst i wait for a duct to arrive , when that arrives i can then continue in the back end of the craft

Hmm must remember to turn the lights off next time so i don’t get random spots on my photos 🙂

This is the area where i’m going to fit a 950mm duct and i’ve just realised by looking at this picture that i didn’t allow for the extension in the width of the craft when i cut out those rear corner decks, oh well i will incorporate those extensions into the rear panel when i make it. Just waiting on a duct so i can size things up and continue being productive 🙂
Forgot to mention that the underside is now painted with a Ameron epoxy white paint, the same paint that i used for doing the buoyancy tanks. I have heard that enamel paint would of been just as good , but i like to do things once do it right so i went with this marine specific paint just coz i can 🙂

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