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Skirt 3

Received the Duralock 2 today which is good because now i can start to attach my skirts. So tonight i started to cut the base material of the duralock 2 and temporarily mount it to the side of the craft so that i know when it comes to gluing them in place that they all fit and line up.

As you could expect even though the attachment base is not finalised in place i couldn’t resist attaching a few skirt segments just to see what it looked like 🙂

Here is a closer view of a few of the skirt segments attached.

Now that i’ve had a chance to attach a couple of segments i’m glad i went with this system for attaching them because damn its simple to do and there is no screws holding them 🙂

Today (5th Nov) i have attached all the skirts and what a difference it makes to the look of the craft when viewing it in person. Yesterday i used some Bostik polyurethane construction sealant to glue down the aluminium base of the duralock 2. I was going to use the 3m 5200 adhesive that i had previously mentioned but this Bostik stuff my brother in law uses when he builds his aluminium boats and claims the side of my hull will fall off before the duralock does, so i grabbed some of it off him and used that instead and i see what he means , now that its dried the duralock isn’t going to go anywhere fast.

It’s not everyday that i get to spend most of it with my head and hands up lots of skirt 🙂


I must say though… even if worst case scenario happened and the thing never hovered at all, just the self satisfaction in standing back and looking at something you’ve built start to resemble what you expected it to be is well worth every hour of sweat. { weather other people show any interest or not } 🙂

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