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Steering And Seating 2

I have both cables mounted now and they are working correctly together, there is almost 180 degrees rotation of the steering shaft from lock to lock.

The cable mounting brackets are simply just some aluminium box tubing bolted in place and rather than use the cable ends that i made up i decided to go all out and do it properly so i bought 4 rose joints that I’ve screwed onto each end of the cables.

A wider view of how i choose to mount my cables. I would of liked to of raised the cables a little to try and straighten out the angle you can see that they are sitting on here, but i couldn’t, otherwise the cable mounting brackets would hit on the base of the rudders each time i turned the steering. Not that it really matters anyway cause the steering turns smoothly and with ease.

Here’s the rear of the cables attached to a central bracket between each rudder, once again no rocket science here.

I originally had some other twisted up aluminium brackets holding my cables but when i went to go make tidy versions of them i had a brain wave and thought up a much simpler style of bracket, Sometimes its easy to over think stuff and make things more complex than they need to be 🙂

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