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Painting 1

Here it is after lifting it into one of the two Heshbon spray bake ovens that Sean has. These spray booths are fully temperature controlled with multiple ventilation filters and all the bells and whistles much better than the plastic sheeting i was going to do around my dusty old garage 🙂 

This is a shot of the inside of Sean Blairs paint shop ( Bodyline Refinish Centre, start of Portsmouth Drive, Dunedin), showing both Heshbon spray booths he has. If you want a job done right then this is the place to go. 🙂

Here is the front view of the craft with the sealer applied. It will now sit in the spray booth at around 20 degrees C for 12 hours until tomorrow when we are up bright and early again to go spray on the first couple of coats of Altra-prime 504-50 full prime then a couple of coats of Altra build 520 high build primer.

Although its not really the most interesting of pictures the craft has in fact just been sprayed with a couple of coats of a epoxy based wood sealer. All the paint related products going on the craft are from Altex coatings the cheaper option would of been to buy car paint or similar but to do the job once and do it right i went with these guys because it is proper marine based paint which will withstand all the abuse its will get thrown at it later when i get it going.

Today is the 1st Oct 05 and Sean has put the first coat of Altra-prime 504-50 over the top of the wood sealer. I’m over the moon cause finally its changed colour and is starting to look a bit more like it should. After almost a year of looking at the same wood/Q cell combination its nice to see a change.

Even though this is just a thin coat of the first primer, overall it looks relatively smooth in the body work (so far)

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