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Trike Front End 4

The front guard is now half mounted and will finish off the other half of the mounting another day. I also re shaped the brackets at the base of the fork and have ordered some proper shockies which will hopefully turn up this week.


I’ve also made up a towbar so when i have the trike going i can attach my golf glubs to it 🙂 I also needed some form of bar at the back to support the rear gearbox mount which is why the left side of the towbar is longer than the right side.

Heres a aerial viewof the towbar. My challenge soon is to somehow fit a tidy looking but functional exhaust system in this small space, not sure how i’m going to do it yet but i’ll work it out.

The front rocker arm has now had all the bits and peices TIG welded to it then buffed up and primered. I have also bought and fitted some chrome front shockies.

I’ve made up some front guard backets out of 8mm steel rod and mounted them to the rocker arm and the front axle so that when the suspension goes up and down the guard moves with it.

Here i’ve now added some caliper stays which i’ve made from 8mm rod and at each end of the rod i’ve tapped a thread and added two small balljoints

Other than a few cosmetic items and replacing the exhaust tubing forks for chromoly thats about it for the front end. I’ll get some front brake hoses made for it at some stage and it will be ready to rock and roll 🙂


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