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Trike Front End 3

Although these need to be cleaned up and shaped a little better they are actually the pivot point which joins the rocker arm to the fork. I had two bosses made up that support nylon bushings and i TIG welded two brackets around each boss so that i can weld them to the rocker arm once i work out the correct position of the wheel. Oh by the way, I struggle to see how i managed to survive all these years without my own TIG welder, i’m glad i bought one, life is so much easier.

 I have made up two caliper brackets so that both the original CBX750 brake calipers can be mounted back in place. After a few hours of thinking i finally decided that i’ll get two spacers made up that slip over the axle where i can mount a bearing in one end and let the other end push against the inner race of the original wheel bearing. By doing that the caliper is now fully floating and spins around the axis of the disc. Eventually there will be a rod from the top of the caliper to the fork so that it gets held in place when the suspension goes up and down, but i havent made that yet so i’ll add pictures of that lateI r.

Here’s the otherside of the wheel showing the L/H caliper mounted in place

With a laser pointer i marked out on the ground where the line through the steering axis ends up and then placed the wheel so that the axle centreline sat 2 inches behind the first line i marked out. Knowing that i have the wheel sitting with 2 inches of trail i then tacked on the shockie mounts and some scrap metal to the base of the fork then connected the fork to the pivots on the rocker arm.

With everything tacked in place i then measured from the front axle to the L/R outer balljoint and then did the same for the R/R side and made sure that both measurments where the same. I then double checked the trail measurement and the rest of the alignment and all was good, so i took the blocks of wood out that were holding the trike up and let it sit on all three wheels for the first time and woo hooo it sits well and the front suspension even works. Next task is to make up tidy brackets etc and then replace the exhaust pipe forks i currently have with chromoloy tubing, oh and put proper shockies on it.

Just another view of the axle setup

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