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Trike Forward Controls 2

i managed to get my hands on some Harley Davidson handlebar switches to suit my 1inch bars which is good cause now i got a few things i can carry on with

I’ve made up a 4.5meter throttle cable and got that all connected so now i can sit there and pretend i’m riding on three heheh. I’ve also wired up the run and start buttons and the ignition key.

As mentioned previously, trikes legally require a handbrake nowdays and mine is operated by what used to be the Harley clutch lever. The cable that comes from the lever is what you see coming from the right side of this picture, i made up a pivoting arm that connects the front handbrake cable to the rear handbrake cables. It’s mounted so that when the handbrake lever gets pulled in the front cable travels roughly 30mm and because it goes through this pivoting arm with the rear cable attached further towards the end of the arm, the rear cables get pulled roughly twice the distance that the front cable moves

Heres another angle of it. The arm is pivoted on a rose joint

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