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Trike Body Panels 11

Ok so it’s been like moons since i got around to adding to the web page but i’m finally adding some more pics now. I bought two trailer guards and cut them down the middle then TIG’d them together so that i end up with a extra wide rear guard to fit over my 295-60-15’s

I’ve also made up a mount for the LED tail lights i brought from Ebay in aussie, the rear indicator LED light you see here is not the indicator i end up using cause it has the wrong standard markings for NZ roads so ignore that for now.

Once i made the plug up out of trailer guards i then made a fibreglass mold of it but made it in a way that i can use the same mould for both left and right rear guards. That way i dont have to make two moulds. What you see here is the final part that i pulled out of the mould.

I needed some way of mounting the guard to a bracket so i’ve cut up some thick strips of aluminium and then Q cell’d ( which is like a fibreglass version of car bog) them in place and then i fibreglassed over the top of them so that i now have mounts incorperated into the guards that i can screw into without the screws showing through the tops of the guards

I made up some mounts that are curved to the shape of the rear guards. These mount to the two top bolts at the top of the rear hubs. Havent taken photo’s of that yet but basically i’ve mounted the guards to the rear hubs so that they stay in the same position no matter if the suspension is moving up or down.

Heres just a side view of the rear guard mounts. My fibreglass rear guards are only 2.5kg’s with the LED lights attached so theres not alot of weight involved but im still paranoid about the guards vibrating and breaking at the worst possible moment.

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