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Trike Body Panels 7

I should of documented a bit better the process of making this mould but i wasn’t sure how it would turn out so hopefully i will document the process better on the next panel.

So anyway this mould ended up turning out pretty good for a first attempt so now it is ready for the final panel to be made out of it. I’ve yet to cut away the excess panel that i don’t need , hopefully i dont upset the gelcoat when i do that.

I have also fiberglassed the modified ends of the rear spoiler back together so now the spoiler is one complete item again, next is to add some duratech primer


Another view of the repair

I’ve now primered and sanded back the spoiler, it came up pretty well considering in a mechanic not a panelbeater :-), next task is to spray the top coat

I’m still sanding the side panels, one more prime and a sand and they should be almost ready to fiberglass

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