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Trike Body Panels 8

At last I’m finally starting to make a actual part from a mould. This is the front panel just freshly fiberglassed with 3 layers of 450GSM matt

and here is the side view just coz i can 🙂

Here is the plug of the L/H side panel all glassed up, as soon as this dries i’ll pop it out and then i’ll have a mould of one side panel done.

The side panel has been sitting for 4 days on the plug so today i popped it off the plug and here you see it with all the PVA still attached. It was a bit of a battle trying to get this mould off the plug because of all the angles and stuff but eventually it popped off in one peice.

Heres another shot of it with the PVA still on. All the green PVA just peels off nice and easily, feels alot like when you peel after getting sun burnt hehe.

And here we have the mould of the L/H side panel once all the PVA is peeled off. Now i just have to trim up the edges which i will do with a mixture of dremmel tool, orbital sander, and jig saw..

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