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Trike Construction 3

This is now the 2.5 litre G25a Honda motor not the noisey 2 litre one that i had in there previously. It’s nice and quiet and goes well.

Everything is all plumbed up and now also has a K&N filter added

Another aerial view of the motor. As you can see its quite a snug little fit . Because i previously had a 2 litre motor i had it all wired up using the 2 litre motor, the new motor had a different computer and slightly different gearbox so i took the 2.5 litre wiring loom off the motor and used the original 2 litre loom so that i can use the existing computer etc , the main difference was that this motor has knock sensors were as the original one didn’t, but thats ok i don’t need knock sensors


The transmissions were slightly different too but it does bolt up to the original 2 litre trans as well other than 1 bell housing bolt doesn’t line up any more and the axles are slightly different

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