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Trike Back End 2

Basically all i’ve done is removed the original Honda caliper then tapped the original mounting holes and fitted two heli coils to make them the correct size and thread. Then bolted a 10mm steel plate to the original mounting holes, drilled and tapped new mounting holes in the Subaru caliper bracket, machined the discs and also filed 1mm off the subaru calipers so that they now fit over the original Honda discs, and ta da … subaru calipers fitted to a honda 🙂

In case you haven’t worked it out, the handbrake on a Subaru Leone works off the front wheels were as most handbrakes work off the rear wheels and usually use non vented discs. The bonus with the Leone calipers are that, because they are front brakes on the Subaru they run on vented discs just like the front of the Honda, which also means they are of a good size to help pull up the pure power of a 5 cylinder fuel injected trike hehe.

The discs on the original Honda are bolted to the hub which made things just a tad more annoying because i had to make the caliper suit the exsisting disc rather than just bolting Subaru discs and calipers in place, but as the pictures show it is possible to do

Part of the certification requirements are that any critical part of the braking system that is welded must have a ND certificate ( non destructive cert) which is basically getting the welds crack tested or x-rayed for imperfections. So rather than go through that hassle i’ve designed the brake system so that nothing is welded, which was a long way of doing a simple job but it removes the hassles at certification time.

The pictures don’t show it very clearly but what i’m using is a clutch master cylinder off a Isuzu Fargo van cause it has a remote reservoir that i could mount under the tank so that it was higher than the rear calipers

Once again not a clear picture but this is where i mounted the reservoir ( under the tunnel of the tank ). Part of certification requires that the reservoir must hold enough fluid to not run out if the caliper pistons are at maximum travel so the Isuzu one meets that requirement.

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