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Trike Back End

For the exhaust i don’t have much room to play with and its right there in plain view so the trick is to fit a muffler that is small enough to fit in the space but quiet enough to be legal and also not look out of place.

Due to the short length of pipe and area i have to play with i took a gamble and went with this muffler cause its packed with fibreglass and has three seperate chambers inside it to help keep it quiet. It’s connected via 2 1/4 inch pipe.

Surprisingly the muffler is too efficent cause when i started it up i was expecting it to still be quite loud and then have to worry about trying to add a second muffler in there to make it quieter but as it turns out with just this one muffler and short bit of pipe it is just as quiet as the average car, so i’m going to cut that muffler off and put a louder one on 🙂

Heres a clearer shot. Since the previous photo i’ve decided that considering i own this muffler now i will leave it on for the meantime and see what it sounds like once i’m out riding around. If i still don’t like it then i’ll change it at a later date

Due to the new law change about two years ago, trikes now need a handbrake which was a bit of a hassle because i originally had the Honda front brakes on the rear of the trike that were un modified and fully compatible so in order to get a handbrake system on the trike i had to go searching for other calipers that i could make fit. I ended up modifying Subaru leone front brake calipers to fit the original Honda discs and then mount them to the Honda hub assembly.

Although the mounting system shown here doesn’t look like anything major it was still 6 hours work per wheel to get them mounted just for a friggen parking brake on a Automatic.

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