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Trike Pre Cert

%95 of the fabrication is done now and just waiting on certification so i can pull it all down and tidy everything up then paint it.

I had previously made up a bonnet for it but it just looks wrong so for now im not having a bonnet and maybe later i will make a engine cover for it instead.

The trike is currently a grey-ish gelocat colour but all going well it will soon be painted in shockwave blue which is the colour of the later model falcon’s.

After seeing the trike for the last year and half with skinny wheels on it it just looks so much better and different with fat feet and and mudguards on it IMHO 🙂

There is red mesh in the vents for the radiator and also red mesh in the front panel, not sure if it will stay that colour but for now it does it’s job.

Was browsing the site the other day and didn’t realise i haven’t got many good shots of the actual 5cyl motor so thought i’d add a couple here.

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