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Trike Framing 6

Here we have a close up of the steering neck and i got to say that notching these pipes to meet up with the neck was a complete pain just because there are like 3 or so different angles to take into acount, anyway its all done now so i’m happy again.


I spent a hour walking around the local wreckers looking for inspiration on rear shockies and came across some adjustable coilover shocks off a L series Subaru stationwagon. They are the right length for what i need, they have a good amount of travel and they are adjustable if needed. The original lower shockie mount is a rubber bush pressed into the lower arm so i will remove the lower arm and replace that bush with a press fit solid steel insert cause the lower bush on the shockie is already rubber so no need for two rubber bushes.

I hadn’t taken a proper side view photo recently so thought i’d throw this one in there just to fill the gap 🙂

If all goes to plan then during easter I have a friend coming up from Dunedin that is a certified welder and he is going to TIG weld the frame up for me so i spent all this weekend making up the gussets and tidying up the joins etc ready for welding. This picture shows where i will be mounting some foot pegs

I have also made up gussetts for the steering neck but no point me tack welding them in place at the moment cause the pipes to the neck have to be welded first.

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