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Trike Videos

November the 2nd 2008 –

I picked up another car cheaper than it would of cost me in parts to fix the knock in the old motor. So I swapped motors last weekend and now there’s no more knock in the motor. The added bonus was that the car i just picked up was a 2.5 litre version of the 2 litre motor i originally had in it. Below is a short video of me once again crusing up and down the road.

The result – No more knock in the engine and alot more power, overall it’s bloody great hehe.

5th October 2008 –

Well yesterday was a glorious day for my wife and I cause i managed to get the trike into a drivable state and couldn’t help myself but take it for a quick spin just to see if it was all worth while.

The result – I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face hehe. The brakes need a little fine tuning and the front suspension works good but also needs a little fine tuning but overall the trike appeared to track straight, drive straight, turn good and man has it got some kick to it, you’ll notice i get faster and faster towards the end of the video hehe. I also noted that the exhaust didn’t seem to bark or drone so thats a bonus and as a added extra bonus nothing fell off or broke into several peices so all in all i’m a happy man 🙂 Obviously i still have a long way to go till it’s finished but this is certainly a good boost of enthusiasm. Oh i also noticed after watching this video that i really must put a set of hydraulic lifters in the motor cause that knock in the motor will drive me crazy otherwise.

The video of my first test drive can be seen below.

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