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Trike Framing 5

Now that the steering neck is mounted in place i temporarly mounted the front forks and wheels just so i can visualise the overall shape of the trike, so i took a photo and photoshopped a couple bits and peices just to get a general idea.

Backbone has been aligned and tacked in place. I made the backbone 600mm long because based on a mates Harley Davidson that has fatbob style gas tank the smaller 3.5 gallon tanks are approximately 500mm in overall length so the extra 100mm will hopefully allow the forks not to hit the tank when i’m turning the sheel from lock to lock. I don’t need a large storage gas tank because i will be having a 2nd gas tank mounted elsewhere later on.

The stools have now gone from under the seat framing and i have made up four support bars to hold the seat framing in place. I have also made a mock up seat out of marine ply for my wife and then made a steel one up for me, i will make her one up properly later when i work out that area.

Here’s a better shot of the seat framing



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