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Finished Trike

At long last the trike is %98 finished. The %2 left is small things like upholster the arm rest’s and make engine cover and get it complied, get a VIN number and register it. The Engine cover i probably won’t do till summer time, for now the goal is getting it on the road.

I ended up taking the plunge and decided to paint the trike myself. I painted it in a colour called Voodoo blue which is the colour of the latest Holden Commodore, it’s a metallic and looks cool under the sunlight, oh which reminds me i have to do a couple more coats of clear on the paint yet but i’ll do that after compliance probably.

I Like the look of the rear of it now. I have the exhaust powder coated buy HPC Coatings which is a high temp powder coat and doesnt burn off like the spray can exhaust paint they claim to work

Here’s me with my cordura riding gear on , ready to hit the streets hehe

The frame was powder coated a gloss black and the forks where powder coated a aluminium look cause it was cheaper than getting them chromed and looks similar.

Overall im happy with it considering it’s my first attempt at building a trike from scratch. At the end of the day i set a target to build a trike and i did it so alls good.

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