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Trike Body Panels 9

I know this page shows various views of the same panel but i couldn’t help adding them cause i was quite happy with how it turned out considering this is my first attempt at making a real fibreglass panel from scratch.

Here i have all the edges trimmed up and it’s looking fairly good. Now one thing i have learnt is that not to spray gelcoat around the edges that arn’t going to be part of the final product cause when you seperate the mould from the plug it cracks all the gelcoat from the edges that don’t have glass attahced and therefore makes more work for you in the future. Minor detail but worth keeping in mind.

It’s around about now that i can look at it and say ” i’m glad i spent all those hours sanding the plug after all”

Around the air vent area didn’t quite work out the way i had visioned but at the end of the day its a custom panel so i’ll make a custom air vent to suit :-).

Ok so we jump forward a bit in time here to where i have now made up both side panels and fitted them to the trike. Once the seats are on they fit nice and snug to the frame work.

Here’s the left hand panel with some red mesh in the air vent area .

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