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Trike Framing 2

Ok so here i’m making a template up for the panel that the top arm and top shockie mount will mount to. Once the templates are made i will be making the plates out of 3mm plate

There is two short peices of piping tacked on to the cross over pipe at the back of the head area and they are there purely for me to rest a rear spoiler on just to get a visual idea of how i’m going to take the focus away from the gearbox hanging out the back. Whilst looking at the rear of it tonight i also found another downside to using this motor, I can’t afford to pull wheelies in it otherwise it will rip the bottom out of the transmission so i’ll have to counteract that later on in the build.

The main pipe on either side of the trike that goes from the rear of the trike to the front has now been bent and welded up. I’ve also made the side plates that support the top suspension arms have currently bolted them in place so that i can take them on and off as needed, eventually they will be welded on permantely. Now that the plate is attached i have mounted the top suspension arms and as you can tell from this photo the wheels are sitting pretty damn good 🙂

I have also made mounting brackets and welded them to the frame so that the frame can be attached to the original Honda subframe. Having these two side rails attached securely is helpfull because they are the parts of the frame that everything else connects to, so now that they are securely attached any thing else that i make up should always fit the same no matter how many times i remove and replace them

Here is the rear subframe mount, it’s maybe not the most cosmetically sexy looking thing but it’s strong and functional

I’m really starting to get sick of manually notching the pipe and i put notching this particular one off for a couple of weeks cause if i got it wrong then that meant i would have to chop and weld in a new peice and try again which i really didnt want to do as i wanted the side rails to be one full strong length. All done now and i didn’t stuff it up so thats good , i celebrated with another beer by the way.

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