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Trike Fuel System 3

The main tank has now been fully TIG welded and i’ve made up mounts ( that i forgot to take photo’s of ) so its now in and secure. Oh by the way the speights beer logo is just there to give it some colour at the moment.

I pressure tested the tank by putting 4 psi of compressed air in the tank and checking for leaks. all was good so i then bought some POR15 fuel tank repair kit which once you go through all three steps it ends up putting a fuel resistant coating on the inside of the tank which not only helps seal any pin holes you have but also prevents rust from forming later in life.

This is the top fuel tank mount which holds the tank in place against the 4 lower mounts. All mounts are lined with a strip of rubber so that the tank is rubber mounted.

Originally when i bought the Harley tank the fuel cap came out the middle of the tank, i’ve since re positioned it twice and finally happy with it sitting in the top left corner of the tank, sadly when i went to buff away the paint so i could weld the filler neck in its new position, the previous owner of the tank had done a few dent repairs and then covered it all up with at least 10mm thick of body filler so that just adds to my work load but its not the end of the world.

I also removed and repositioned the petcock. My main tank has no fuel gauge so my plan is to use the Harley tank as a reserve tank that way when the main tank runs out i can turn the petcock and use the fuel from the harley tank and make my first stop the nearest petrol station.


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