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Trike Fuel System 2


Here’s a over all shot of the trike with the fuel tank installed. I currently have 205-60-15 honda mags and tyres fitted but it will eventually have 10inch wide rims with 295-60-15 tyres on it.

Kind of hard to see in this photo but i have also now fitted a filler tube that comes out of the left front area of the tank. I was going to fill the main tank just filling up the harley tank and letting it drain through to the main tank but that would take ages to fill so i put on a seperate filler neck for the main tank.

I’m actually starting to get used to the look of the red petrol can strapped to the side of the trike hehe but won’t be long now before i can get rid of that.

I now have the filler neck attached and a pipe for the fuel return line and a pipe to connect the main tank to the harley tank


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