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Trike Rear Steering & Suspension

Due to me using the whole front end of the Honda it still has the steering rack in it so i have to lock up the steering to prevent the rear wheels from steering. Your not allowed to weld to the original steering rack shaft so i’ve removed the steering rack and made up two solid plugs ( pictured right here) to fit into the end of some 3/4 piping

The original inner rackends off the Honda can now screw into the ends of these plugs which will end up being welded into either end of the 3/4 piping. This will end up being a steering rack replacement

The Solid bush slides 40mm neatly into the end of the piping where it will be welded in place and drilled then have a tension pin fitted.

I’ve lost the original picture but…

I had some tubing pictured here which will be welded in place over the 3/4 piping which will allow me to add mounting brackets to it so that i can remount this steering rack replacement into the original mounting holes.

Here it shows half the steering rack replacement piece made up with the tubing welded in place for one side. Each end of the tubing has 3mm plate welded to it

Closer view of one end. One of the reasons for adding the tubing to the outside of the 3/4 piping is so that i can refit steering rack boots over the inner rack ends.

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