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Trike Framing 4

The steering neck is all made up and ready to be fitted so i sat in the drivers seat and worked out how high i want the steering so that its comfortable to look over, then i worked out that i wanted 600mm of backbone which gave me the height and distance to mount the steering neck support part of the frame jig.

I drew a centre line down the middle of the frame jig and used a laser level, plumbob, bubble level, angle meter and a tape measure to align the neck into position. I welded an old RN250 lower triple tree that i picked up for $1 into position on the box section that i’m using for supporting the steering neck that way i dont have to make up bolts and spacers etc to hold the neck all i have to do is slip the neck over the triple tree.

I have the steering neck angle set to 45 degrees and this picture shows the line of the laser level running straight up the middle of the support. As a confirmation of correct alignment a tape measure measurement from the left hand lower outer balljoint to the center of the steering neck mount is the same distance as it is from the right hand balljoint to mount.

Just another angle showing the laser level running up the centre line in the floor and through the RN250 lower triple tree

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