The Custom Trike Build

My latest project that i am going to start in January 2008 is a custom built chopper style trike, powered by a 5 cylinder 2 litre fuel injected Honda G25a motor. The reason behind choosing that motor and gearbox is because they are all alloy and the axles go through the sump so the weight is fairly well placed right over the axles. I have already bought a donar car for the project so step one is out of the way.

It may be a huge engineering task depending on my approach to it, but i'm up for the challenge. There is no pre built frames or info on the net to fitting one of these motors so i will be designing and building the chassis myself from scratch. Hopefully the ideas i have bouncing around in my head at the moment will work out to be a successful idea, time will tell.

During this build i will be covering new territory for me, such as  teaching myself to fibreglass, mold making, chassis construction and more. None of which scares me, it's just another thing to learn and try to master the best i can.

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