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I've cut up some 3mm plate to fit between the seat framing and the lower pipes so that both items are locked solid together, i've cut ( and yet to finish ) a half circle shape in the 3mm plate so that later when i make the body panel if i choose to put some scoops or vents in the body panel i can still direct air to the radiator.
I also made up a 3mm top plate for joining the seat framing to the back bone and there is also a 2mm plate for the under side
Pictured here is the upper rear shockie mounts that i've made up out of a mixture of 3mm box tubing and 4mm plate, currently tacked in place ready for Charlie to TIG weld.
Heres a shot from behind which gives a general indication of the angle that my rear shockies are mounted on. Oh and i've also sat some old 245/50/15 tyres in place just for looks ( coz i can) and at this stage i'm planning on proberly getting 265 or 275/50/15 tyres for it when i get to that stage.
And here is a rear view of the rear shockie mounts for no reason other than it was a spare picture i had on the camera that i thought i may as well add hehe.

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