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I decided to stop making the original side panel cause i didn't like it and made a start on the plug for the bonnet instead
I can't draw very well and it's too much hassle to draw up the body panels on the computer so i'm designing the bonnet as i go along. There are endless things you can use to make up a plug for fibreglass moulding but for me personally i went with using metal cause thats what i'm used to
For me i find using metal for the plug to be good because you can bend metal to the shape your after and it holds that shape , wood , plaster, foam etc etc can also be used but i may as well use what i have lying around here.
The plan is that after the bonnet is fibreglassed that it will be hinged at the rear of the bonnet so that i can flip it open rather than lift it off all the time.
Here i have the frame work all made and have rivited and welded on scrap panel steel that i cut out of old washing machine bodies that i got from the scrap yard.
Next stage is to cover it in body filler and then sand it down to the required shape etc

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